Yes the roses come with your very own Fluerelle box to keep. Reuse as you would with a regular vase or get it refilled by our special refilling service available soon.

1. Choose your box size.

2. Choose your rose colour. 

3. Go to Add to Cart

4. Click on Write Card to write a personalised message

5. Order!

Currently, we are delivering on Thursdays and Fridays.

Orders must be in by Wednesday at 2pm AEST.

Your flowers will last well over the weekend (and beyond) provided you take care of them!

First thing, take off the lid as soon as you can so they can breathe.

Keep them out of direct heat.
And it's that easy! Enjoy them too! :)

They tend to last longer than a regular bunch. They should last you between 7-10 days. (as long as you take care of them- as it says above)

Yes! You get to keep your Fleurelle box and reuse it as you would a regular vase. Just trim your flowers to fit.

For an office, it's a luxe and neat way to display your fresh flowers. When the sun pours in, it shines straight through your lucite box and creates a magical glow over your roses.

For events, its a stunning way to show off your flowers and combined with personalising the box with your logo/ image, it takes it to the next level.

These flower boxes are unique in every way. Your roses are hand picked, impeccably placed in the Fleurelle box and then wrapped with a monogrammed ribbon to add that beautiful touch.

Your roses will also last longer than a regular bunch of roses.

Go on, order and see for yourself!